Текст песни Jordin Sparks – I Will Be There For You

Тексты песен Jordin Sparks I Will Be There For You

I Will Be There For You текст песни
Jordin Sparks

Verse 1: You've got your friends and your places. That's where you feel the safest. Boy don't you
see. I'm stanind here in the shadows, learning how to let love go, When it has to be free. You've
got your castles in the clouds. You don't need me now.

Chorus: But if, you should ever fall, think you've lost it all. I will be there for you. And if you
should lose your faith, the whole world turns away from you, baby. One thing's still true. (I will
be there, 2x on chorus #3). I will be there for you.

Verse 2: I read the news in the paper, all the fear and the hatred. Baby, who can you trust? But I
see the truth through the madness. Here's my love if you'll have it, but if you don't want that
much, go as far as you can, as long as you know.

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge: And if the time should come, when all you depend upon is gone, just looke around and I'll be

(Repeat Chorus)

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