Текст песни Izzy Hilton – Break

Break текст песни
Izzy Hilton

All of the prisoners serving life sentences

Wait for the earth to suddenly shake

For the walls to somehow suddenly come crumbling, tumbling and

For the bars to somehow magically break

Aw, There's nothing wrong with them

That a thousand bucks can't fix

That a thousand arms can't hold down

In the ground they're tattooing the stones with

Cusses like cavemen - your momma was here

But they want to run through the air with no barriers or obstacles

Gunmen or guard dogs or priests

And to rise from the mud and start over and over

With the people all dead.

If Hans Christian Andersen could've had his way with me

Then none of this shit would have ever gone down

In my cell I'm tattooing myself with

Mermaids and swallows and though I do swallow

My mama thinks I'm grown but I'm really just little

And someday I will remember

Someday I will remember

Someday I will remember