Текст песни I.F.K. – Powa

Powa текст песни

I don't care watcha think about me I hate u and hate yo way to be
U wanna teach me how to live n die Butcha really stupid like an ass of mine
It's just time to say that I'm free I don't depend on u so don't fuck'd up me
Got ma own brains ma own morality I'll try to live in that reality
Don't be a pussy and make tha noize Just take tha shit and throw out yo toyz
U've got oua powa so bring it back U usin it against us so bring it back
BOOM! a gunfight in yo street! YO! It's time to make da feat
In tha jungle is anotha justice We have no law, we have no police
people are shootin their brothaz down SHUT! In tha moment yo buddy's on tha ground
Tha game is over yo brotha is dead We can't live without it so don't be sad
We wanna revenge but we have no powa Wanna be free 'n talk more louder
Yo, mothafuckaz, oua time has come We gotta get out 'n break it down
Check this out 'n jump more higher Here comes a time show yo desire
We gotta play 'n give u oua fire Insect Flyin Killa neva gonna retire!
Every day I'm goin to low-MF school it's justa kind of bullshit to study by tha rules
Get up early in tha mornin eat ma MF meals I've tried to understand smth but I'm stupid still
I've no gun, I have no way out Gotta many problems wanna say 'em aloud
Wanna ma rage to get out I'll put it on u … check it out
I'm yo little enemy, I'm yo kick I'm yo puppet but I'm lind of sick
I'll go and fight, try to attack U've got oua powa so bring it back
Jump MF jump