Текст песни I.F.K. – Kidnappaz Groove

Тексты песен I.F.K. Kidnappaz Groove

Kidnappaz Groove текст песни

Sittin in his mind like a bullet in da head His brains 're not ordinary they're dead
They're jumpin around lookin fora new stuff They cannot stop they cannot get enough
U'll neva understand whatz groove of da pain U'll neva understand whatz goin in his brain
Kidnappa is a real desire MF drug sucka wanna get higher
Everywhere I am his target I don't wanna fight don't wanna GO FOR IT
Just for a wild I'm waitin for his appear it makes me weak I've got a real fear
Gotta go gotta go — slowly — they run I think I'm gonna die or gotta lotta fun
He's pressin ma body ma vains ma spirit They gonna blow up gonna jump out of it
I can't keep out of it I'm afraid of him of his spirit
All I wanna do is make a kick But kidnappaz groove makes me weak
No no no! Nobody hear ma voice When I've got no health no "strong" no choice
When I'm runnin away from da blood From da evil from da faceless crowd
On ma back: his eyes his track He's after me I got a balance lack
He's not ma enemy not ma friend But why I must die coz of his bent
I'm afraid he got me ma organz …
But ma dick is really nuthin ma ass is 2 much dirty ma lungs are kill'd by nicotine
Ma liver is kill'd by alcohol ma heart is full of bullshit ma eyes can't see any
More ma ears can't hear anymore. But ma mind is too much sick! and kidnappaz groove