Текст песни I.F.K. – Guilty

Guilty текст песни

I'm guilty and I'm fuck'd up people hate me when I'm lift up
There's no reason to cry 'n shout Wanna kill everyone without any doubt
I'm much guilty and I'm not proud Ma heartbeat gonna be too loud
Affection 'n love has gone to tha past I kill'd ma body, but it won't be tha last
I'm guilty but I wanna be justified Just anotha chance to put it right
Ma life is a prison 'n I wanna be realised I feel guilty, ma spirit is miss'd
Is there anyone who can help me to be
I wanna feel tha pain, but I can't be d.e.a.d.
I know that u're happy in ya slavery a boo-boo in ya mind is ya mistery
Ma target is ya body, I wanna rebuild it Have much strength, but I feel guilt
Animals comin through tha night Lookin for tha victim just to fight
But they're not guilty? they're natural It's there life, they have no future
But I'm not an animal, I'm only a male Can't live in that conflict I always fail
Have no thoughts how to lie Don't wanna try
I'm guilty, not guilty, what da fuck is guilty?
We're not public Enemy, it's not oua reality
It's not a gangsta rap, not kind of that
This is not a social game, not mothafuckin blame
I'm not Ice-T, not Flavour Flave
Sumthin unreal beatin in ma head it really hurts transfix it with ya gad
Ma body's full of guilt from ma ears to ma feet
I wanna be kill'd but it's tha most stupid feat
Check it out, yo! ah check it out, ah check it out!