Текст песни Horizon 8 – Sometimes

Sometimes текст песни
Horizon 8

You always long
For something better
that doesn’t matter
Copied & pasted
The precious time
But wasted
You walk alone
In hand with sorrow
and beg tomorrow
“Just sow my tears with the seeds of disappearance”

But now when the faith
That you can’t break
Will follow your dream
To move it into real

Just sow my tears
With the seeds of disappearance

Sometimes become the prisons
Sometimes are called insane
When soul is drowned in evil
Turn your pain into gain

So go ahead
Use the chances
that God presented
Disclaim your doubts
few steps away
Don’t turn around
Learn by old faults
Keep heart wide opened to those who broke it
Release the mind from mist
that hides your holy light