Текст песни Hoobastank – Just One

Just One текст песни

[Verse 1]
I wanna live, i wanna leave, i wanna open up and breathe
i wanna go, i wanna be, i wanna feel it constantly
gotta show, gotta say, ive gotta feeling that wont go away
ive gotta know if they got away, my opportunities...

Just one chance is all I ever wanted
Just one time id like to win the game
From now on ill take the chance if I can have it
Just one just one

[Verse 2]
I need to think, I need to feed, I need to see if I still bleed
i need a place, I need a time, cause I need to step outside that line
gonna give, gonna take, im gonna scream till i am awake
im gonna push, im gonna pull, open up the door...


And if I knew when the door was open id go through, I would go on through
And I can’t say, when I do ill never be the same, never be the same...


(Just one) ill take the chance if I can have it x3