Текст песни Genitorturers – Lecher Bitch

Lecher Bitch текст песни

I am the Lecher bitch and I wear the X of castigation
I am the whore of the extreme
I am the heretic and I crave your excommunication
Look in my eyes
Get a little star struck and a little insane
Tell me your story. Don't worry, I won't care
Cuz I'm the incomparable
Got a mission impossible
Just say that you love me
I say HEY! You're coming all the way
I've got some hell to pay
I'm diggin' all the way
All the way down
I am the Lecher Bitch and I call on all who feed on danger
Taste of the whore suffer my seed
Crawl with the heretic and the world outside gets a little bit stranger
Look in my eyes
Wanna little star fuck and a little good pain
Tell me your story. Don't worry, I've been there
Crown me your savior
Don't worry I'll be there
Don't belong lording above me
Won't be hard to pull you underground
It won't be long till ya love me
Then I'll be coming at your back
To break it down
Crossed your heart but still I lied
Stick this needle down inside
Leave you with an open wound
Left to die alone
Like an animal