Текст песни G Love And Special Sauce – Rhyme For The Summertime

Тексты песен G Love And Special Sauce Rhyme For The Summertime

Rhyme For The Summertime текст песни
G Love And Special Sauce

August the third month

Summer with sunrays

While sunshine blazed

My eyes were kind of glazed

To put some cream in my coffee

I'm making a call

Cooling by the fence of the street

With the sex stalls

So many freaks geeks rats

Cool cars and fat girls

I'm that kid lounging in my own world

Dig daydreaming girl

I think she's a dancer

I'd like to catch the ho-show

But my visit was cancelled

I was hungry my takeout had been fixing

Ordered fried rice eggroll wonton and big chicken

Then I went to meet the Mac Lil'

Cool elixing drinking tipping wine from the bottle

Models fly girls with sauce

Bums who are lost

More garbage that's tossed

From the doors and windows

Roof tops and building

25 cents a show

All the freaks know

A rhyme for the summertime

Straight up

Rapmop blue

Digging the scene from

The streetside view

So when I'm cooling on the block

Look for some action I can't rest

Till I find satisfaction