Текст песни Everlast – Prince Paul

Prince Paul текст песни

Hey yo, what up Everlast? This is Prince Paul, man.
Yo, I ran into Trev on the street from Nasty and he said you're doing
this dope Celtic rock album. So I was like, "yo, that's my style...
That's what I do". You know I got beats from back in the days. So I'm
like, yo, why don't I give you a call 'cause yo, 'cause you know I got
that ill like, you know... You know somethin' like "Jump Around" but it's
more on that like old lucky charm style type, you know. In other words
yo, just yo, give a brotha some work. You know what I mean? It's like I
got beats man... Dante got some beats, but I got beats! Because yo, I've
been doin' it for awhile. So yo, I got the joint. Call me... You got my
number, I got it. I know what you need... I know what you need, man. I
know you got dough. Give me a buzz, peace.