Текст песни Emery – The Ponytail Parades

Тексты песен Emery The Ponytail Parades

The Ponytail Parades текст песни

three sleepless nights
this isn't how it's supposed to be
but you're so good at taking your time
to get back to me

i will wait for you forever
if you would just ask me
i thought that i could change you
but you changed me

but it doesn't feel right
holding someone else's hand
together on phone lines
and living at two opposite ends

it scares me to think that you could find takers
other than me
and better than me

but your head is elsewhere
and i'm talking enough for both of us
when will you see it's not (it's not)so easy for me

you careless
and whispered
and bruising

and i thought
that you said
things were improving

these laces are untied
but my feet are still walking away

(i am far from your eyes, your eyes i trusted, you said forever) i never thought that you could say
these words
is this really happening? (don't say that we can still be friends)

erase my name from this page
how can you take all these days (what is inside me what have i done)
and throw them away (is this the only way that you will notice me)
as i sit here waiting for you (dead words for closed ears all this is sung for you)
i stay up nights (if you are still pretending this is what's right)
until stars leave the sky (why can't you look atme can you only see)
knowing what my dreams can take away (sides, your side, can take away)

walk away from me this night is done.