Текст песни Elzevir – Aragog

Aragog текст песни

1. In a twilights of a forest
Where sunbeams cant reach the ground
There's a mystic place of Sacred
Sririts of Unholy power

Ancient trees will never fall,
Guardians of his secret home
Giant shadow in the fog
Shadow of Aragog

Blind spider calling the wind
Nature priest and holy druid
Aragog is a monster-sage
Fear to unleash his rage

2. In the blind eyes of spider
Ancient wisdom, rage of fire
Winds of past will spread his name
Among trees like burning flame

Sheen of lake, of forest lake
At the dawn will show mistake
In composition of deadly spell
Poison drop in magic well.

3. I feel a loneliness of fallen star
My broken heartt will bleed like scar