Текст песни Deform – One solid lie

Тексты песен Deform One solid lie

One solid lie текст песни

One solid lie!
And in the world of pain
I am not being myself,
And it is you to blame!
The birds don’t make a sound,
And I will start to speak
The borders of your soul
I’m not the one to reveal.
Your cold intentions,
The silent game…
You do not count me in,
I need no offering.
Again the fire starts
And I will cease to breathe…
One solid lie
Again, again and again.

One solid lie!

I’m making faces to spring,
Like I’m a dying King.
And in my magic field
The love will not exist.

When at the end – just leave,
There is no need in words…
I slip away like a ghost
Escaping from myself.

Exhausting sex.
And like the silent films,
All my illusions – shit…
It doesn’t matter to you.

There’s no hero in me!
They need a sacrifice!
We’ll play morality,
Allowing telling lies.

One solid lie!