Текст песни Darkseed – Can't Explain

Тексты песен Darkseed Can't Explain

Can't Explain текст песни

shadow-veiled, passing years
I can't see the sun
where's the land of friends?
darkness conquers us
when the dawn of night begins
deep beneath my chilling fears
lives the ocean of my tears
I don't understand the world
bodies frozen, love stands still
as the sun was doomed
and I turn to look to you
there are no words I can use
I can't explain the goings of the world
dark and cold
I can't explain misery
I can't explain cruelty
I can't explain success of lying
I turn away
anger pounds, sorrow surrounds
I can't stand this pain
neverending emptiness
everyday we look away
we are all alone

I am sorry
I can't explain cruelty misery