Текст песни Culcha Candela – Partybuy

Partybuy текст песни
Culcha Candela

bada bang boom ich wach auf und dann
ich werd munter sonne scheint runter
jetzt hab' ich endlich einen grund um
aufzustehen und rauszugehen um
schwimmen grillen chillen freunde zu sehen
auf meinem mund wie auf anderen
sehe ich viele grinser und die leute laufen damit durch die straen
was fr ein wahnsinn-tight!-
and so i jump in my ride

we gotta roll so jump on da bus
we got soul ey yo don't be in a rush
it's not cold go make your self nass
brumm brumm der partybus geht rum

we got one two three five seven eight guys
we got one two three five seven eight girls
so what we gonna do
ladies i tell you what we gonna do
we gonna shake break stretch and bake dip and dive
this is the biggest baddest party alive

-don cali-
vamos a la playa este fin de semana
a pasarla con mis homies que les gusta la carne asada
tangas arena sol y palmeras
eso lo sabroso mas que mi llerva buena


sliding and diving and riding and driving to party
waiting and smiling and dating and styling for party

everybody jump jump up to the roof
feel di energy of di sound and groove
forget about di pain a di leg just move
music is healing that's what we proove
give me your hand and then you gwaan comprehend
that music is all you need and that music is all we send out for you
and for you and for the rest of your crew
fi di party animal


e-e-e-enjoy joy joy joy joy it is time to enjoy
invite everybody
we gonna call everybody take a bus and than we gon ride
down to the beachparty
move out to the street watch out who we meet
the gial de from the next door with the sweetest body
i tell her to come over to the beach
cause i chill down their with all the homies
feel sunshine and do something with the feet ease out and just break free