Текст песни Creed – Stand Here With Me

Тексты песен Creed Stand Here With Me

Stand Here With Me текст песни

You always reached out to me and
Helped me believe
All those memories we share
I will cherish every one of them
The truth of it is there's a right way to live
And you showed me
So now you live on in the words of a song
You're a melody

You stand here with me now

Just when fear blinded me
You taught me to dream
I'll give you everything i am
And still fall short of
What you've done for me
In this life that i live
I hope i can give love unselfishly
I've learned the world is bigger than me
You're my daily dose of reality

You stand here with me now

On and on we sing
On and on we sing this song

'cause you stand here with me

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