Текст песни Clawfinger – The Price We Pay

Тексты песен Clawfinger The Price We Pay

The Price We Pay текст песни

Things never seem to go according to plans
so we always end up improvising,
we're not smart enough to have a plan B at hand
so we always end up compromising,
it's killing us to settle with the cards we get
when we know there's much more at stake,
but giving in to pressure is the safest bet
& it's also our biggest mistake.

That's the price we pay, that's the price we pay

we never asked to be put into this position
we never had high demands,
we never clamed to be on some kind of mission
like we had some kind of masterplan,
it's not as if we know exactlywhat we came for
so we settle for what comes our way,
we're always unprepared for the final encore
what the fuck are we supposed to say.

Every move we make every step we takethat's the price we pay,
every rule we break, every move we fake that's the price we pay!