Текст песни Cassidy – Real Talk

Real Talk текст песни

Yo wassup you know who it is
Cass the kid Cassidy and im
here to talk real to you unlike
these other mcs check it out

yo Im the realest cat you done ever met so when i get a check
for this next album thats out
yall one really find out what the
problems about yeah i still got
problems about but nothing im
not used to mad cuz i do it
better then you do shoot
compared to me your stuff sound
boo boo And i done matered my
craft both rap and blastin the mac
aint no actin in Cass im as real
as can be and all the real cats
out there feel me so you gone have to kill me to make me quit
talkin about it you aint hard you
just the one barkin the loudest
you starvin to have it thats what
i got cuz see the market is madness and cats like me are
hard to find but to me it comes
easy it aint hard to rhyme
i done had my share of hard times
but now its time to shine cuz
its my time in the limelight
and it sure does shine bright
you know the rhyme tight
and you know the others cant
compete so who ever feel me
come stand wit me cuz im gone
straight to the top and on my
way to the top i know the
hatin wont stop but i dont care
cuz i know my hearts blessed
and i got a hard head and if i dont make it this time ill just start fresh