Текст песни Calm Gothic – The ALTAI

The ALTAI текст песни
Calm Gothic

How numerous are the words
Of praise that Altai nature is addressed with.
Short of breath, I climbed to the top
And trembled with extasv
(You were at us?
Believe to you here it is pleasant.
There is no monument there is a nature)
But where are the words, where are
The paints to communicate this beauty?
There is no use in racking the brains,
No use in searching for tones in paints ...
I was looking at all that,
And then at my self –
So who am I?

An invisible dot in that huge labyrinth!..
I seemed to see the living god
Of nature with all his power and beauty.
(Yes. he exists.
The spirit of the ground lives in mountains.
Then who the god? You saw him?
he has created it of spirit of the ground?
Lie. Bosh. Show the creator!
That was music of the nature!
Who will reproduce it
Who will reproduce Who will reproduce
The harmony of these rocks, these colors?..

Foothill and steppe Altai is no less beautiful
Get up early, don't hide from thunder
The nature is fabulous
At sunrise and in storms.
And watch where you walk
Who will reproduce
— Don't step on flowers ...