Текст песни Calm Gothic – Judgement

Judgement текст песни
Calm Gothic

Judgement represents a wake up call
split second in which one is able
to rise up out of
the darkness
of samskara and change oneself
or ones life for
the better. It is a realisation after
of confusion or

With the Sun card we can truly fall
into the trap of believing that
life is fulfilled and happy and that
there is nowhere else to go except heaven.
However, it is often into these quiet,

blissful moments that something
drastic happens which wakes us up
to the fact that we still have a long way to go.

The graves, tombs and dark pits which
we see the figures rising up out of towards
the sound of the trumpeting angel
are symbolic of the darkness that we all
constantly live in. They are ignorance,
And there is a phrase which states that ignorance is bliss.

In our everyday lives we experience the Judgement
card as a Eureka moment, which means
“I have found it”.
We all have bits and pieces
of our lives, or current problems, that don’t make sense.
We fuss and stress over them and everything gets more tangled.