Текст песни Busta Rhymes – Busta Move

Busta Move текст песни
Busta Rhymes

yo. you betta move
busta move buster..buster move
holler sexy
i love you
come ova here and fuck me up
i love you
holler sexy
come ova here and fuck me up
fuck fuck fuck fuck
shitty shitty shit shit shit
crap crap crap crap crap
fuck it beet it fuck it up
damn it fuck it crap shit shit

this is dedicated to all my sexy homies out there. i love you, you have no idea.
carly ruben, myz, val carpy, sophie bernstein, lindsey powell, jess powell, taylor powell, jill
berman, ashley aruffo, molly cohen, kate silverstein, mara penne, rachel goodman, emily rittenburg,
emily fox, elise levyn, bethany broox, WENDY BROWN....-SEXIEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD,
becca odell, paige donondson, courtney fenimore, laura butler, kelly burke, kim kirkpatrick, emma
imbriglia, laura erstad & katlyn melvin.......and all my other sexies. holler and fuck me up
someday. i love you all soooooo much. you are all so hot and sexy and i want you to know i am always
here for you if you wanna...ya know...get a little dirrty. <3