Текст песни Blue Foundation – Witch of trouble

Witch of trouble текст песни
Blue Foundation

It's like Cream but not the Wu so you don't know what to do
She's like a witch of trouble in electric blue
And if you don't watch out she'll get to you
Piercing through emotional armor like when you do voodoo
She sits on her throne of lost souls
My thoughts roam the coast of insanity in schoals
I brag and boast but I will never ever get to her, no hope
Deep in my mind's the cure for the illness waiting in the shadows

I used to be afraid, living on a razor blade
Came toe to toe with nemesis it left my mind unscathed
All I wanted was to bathe in the rays of eternity
All of the sudden wasn't one thing bothering me
That was when she materialized line after line
The past became the high time
I remember pushing forward breaking out of confines
But I never knew the truth in her sighs
After her theft one is left with piles of ash
She got me good, my life was in tatters and rags
Too many intentions to mention thrashed
Suffocated in those plastic bags at last yeahh

Meanwhile fools run high and low she smiles cruelly hosts
Imaginary shows the voice of solitude bellows
She's not my type why I want her every night no one knows
I unfocus loose sight of the material forget the spiritual
My mind is in a black hole no way out some would say I chose
Consciously obviously not
I didn't deliberately get caught in her plots and what not
Reefr Kid and Kuri closin' up