Текст песни Blink-182 – Silent Night Sing Along

Тексты песен Blink-182 Silent Night Sing Along

Silent Night Sing Along текст песни

[Mark:] Can we turn off all the lights and have everyone bring up there lighters like its a big rock
show, please?
[Mark:] Everyone bring out your lighters cause I know you all smoke pot
[Mark:] Now I want you all to sing along with me...

Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
'Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild

[Mark:] Yay! It's Christmas!
[Tom:] Yeah! And where the hell are my presents?!?
[Mark:] Hey! If you're looking for last minute christmas ideas...I think a good gift to give a guy
is an orgasm!
[Tom:] I want one of those in my stocking!