Текст песни Benefit – Dreaming In Hell

Тексты песен Benefit Dreaming In Hell

Dreaming In Hell текст песни

[Intro] (sample) Over the city, the city that will soon be laid waste

by war, now it is still alive, biding its time. Nobody has yet come to

suspect the impending doom.

[Intro](Benefit talking)I saw hell in a dream. I saw hell in a dream. I

saw hell in a dream, I had to wake up. Yo:

I had a dream I took a trip to hell
The devil had my people locked in a cryptic cell
Aint living it well, we casting unlimited spells
Shouted "freedom!" but lived in a subliminal jail
With anthrax ? ? ? the criminal males
Crack babies on welfare living to fail
How livid? detail, little kids vivd and frail
Behold a horse riding now isnt it pale
In hell politicians will sit in a buliding
Gettin rich off of the devils pay chill and chill grin?
Lying, it was beginning to kill them
Poisoning the minds of men, women and children
In hell i couldnt find any natural foods to eat
chemicals in my mouth if i actually chewed the meat
Couldn't run from the sun and the heat
And at night in hell sodomized? runnin the street
Cause out of the club, ecstasy,
Shouted out love, but it was empty
Emotion and never guided above
Wicked women celebrated finer joys in this doom
Put many boys in a tomb, polluted poisonous womb
The devil had me workin, givin me no slack
If i felt a little sad he was feedin me Prozac
Drug in my head, people worship the thuggin and dead
In reality the working man is rugged instead
So wake up

Wake up (echoing) if you're dreaming in hell X5

The devil had me thinkin there was nothing I'd regret
Meanwhile pulling me deep in a firey pit
Spending oil when they needed to ban it
Killin off living life as they heated the planet
In hell the intelligent will trap the silent
The projects will fill with crack and violence
The devil was controlling what the media played
The radio was all about gettin greedy and paid
The music was weak, the ignorant were choosin to speak
Pimps and prostitues were abusin the street
The people were all thinkin with invisible brains
In hell slaves walk with invisible chains
Turning on the television to be sold a lie
Knowing something wasn't right but not beholding why
Palestinian children and babies with guns
Burst firebomb flames throwing? Arabian suns
The devil had greedy politicians ignitin war
The population wont even know what theyre fightin for
Dead bodies layin in he mud and soil
Innocent lives lost trading their blood for oil
Kids in the street dying, right to the sick?
This dream was fast becomin a nightmare quick
Before it was too much I was beginning to choke
i started to think of my own
And then i awoke

Wake up (echoing) if you're dreaming in hell X4

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