Текст песни B2K – Santa Hooked Me Up

Тексты песен B2K Santa Hooked Me Up

Santa Hooked Me Up текст песни

Jboog talking: Yeah, Uh, Yo, B2K
I'll bet ya'll never thought we'd be doin a Christmas song
Yeah well we all rappin
Fizz we bought to catch up to you man
(laughs) I'm just playin man

Jboog rapping: (overlapping) Yep {makes wierd noise}Yo Yo Yo Yo
This year ya' boy went all out
Lemme sit down and tell ya what I'm talkin about
Now it's somethin you can imagine so I don't hafta explain
Oh, just picture the North Pole relaxin in my chain
And my girl, she bad, so bad
Havin a girl like Boog's gon' become the new fad
When you walk into my house you gon' be givin a map
Cuz' if you turn the wrong corner you won't find your way back
But I'm sleepy nopw so im gone off the track

Chorus: Santa Hooked Me Up This Year (3x)
So lemme tell you what i got for Christmas this year (all 2x)

Raz B rapping: (overlapping) What?
Santa Hooked me up wit a Bentley four door
Got a hundred million dollar G4
Santa was generous gave me a gang of money
More ice than the North Pole more carrots than Bugs Bunny
This year forget the socks and the Christmas tree
I gotta Benz 1200 aint even hit the streets
I Got a three-way-pager and a matchin cell
Got a iced out chain that put a crick in my neck what?


Omarion rapping: (overlapping) Damn! Damn! Girl that smells good!
Listen, this year my gifts was too sick
Santa Clause got me that six wit that dubbed out kick
Too clean
Fresh white tee Gangsta lean
You know how i do when i get on the scene
Santa Clause "SC" what i call his name
He gimmie too much...I think Santa got craaaazy
But anyways thanks for all them gifts
I left them hot cookies
but jus dont forget it


Jboo talking: {overlapping} Ay O I'on think you was s'posed to be rapping man.
You 'sposed to do the singing. You messin up.
We runnin outta jobs and stuff. {laughs} I luh you man
Ay Fizz can you come and show us how it's really done? Cuz im mean, I'm jus tryna be like you

Fizz rapping: Now Christmas is my favorite time of year
Got Red forces w/ red Polo gear
red Chanel ski hat plus a Cadillac wit a diamond in the back
sittin on scene wit shiny goldies
Ice crushed soda can chrome in the left hand and a lockman
(You got a Lockman?!)
When I got all this, man i thought it was great
But i was bad this year so Santa made a mistake