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Тексты песен B2K My First Christmas

My First Christmas текст песни


My First Christmas

Santa will be comin to my town
And it will be his first time
I wished for this day
Since I was just a little boy
And now it's hurr
And it feels so good to say
Merry Christmas to all of you all
I wonder how it's gonna feel
To have my first Christmas time

My first christmas time
Is was so beautiful
So special to me
All my family gifts under the tree
My first christmas time

Jingle bells will ring, the birds will sing
oh wut a joy it will bring
Never thought I'd see the day
That Santa will bring Christmas my way
But it's here and it feels so good to say
Merry christmas to all you, you, you, and you
I wonder how it's gonna feel
to have my first christmas time


Havin christmas with my family
I'm breakin my neck tryin to get to the tree
Seein wut mom and daad got for me
The big bout it benz on 23's
T.V's in the back wit the dvd's
Wut a special day for me
Momma in the house cookin collered greens,
ham wit the mac and cheese