Текст песни Ayreon – Day Nineteen: Disclosure

Тексты песен Ayreon Day Nineteen: Disclosure

Day Nineteen: Disclosure текст песни

Best friend:
My good friend, I hope you hear my voice
I must alleviate this ache
I’ve thought about this and found I have no choice
I have to tell you this for conscience’ sake

I felt alone, forsaken and afraid
Out of work and out of love
I needed someone to ease some of the pain
And she was there for me when times were rough

My sweet love, my heart belongs to you
But I was lonely and the need for passion grew
You were never here, and even when you were
Most of my words would go unheard

Best friend: I’d be there to comfort her
Wife: We’d share our distress
Best friend: But we were never in love
Wife: Can you forgive us?

Best friend:
My good friend, well maybe I am wrong
I think you saw us on that day
I want you to know, she loved you all along
I hope that this will help you in some way


Love: Don’t be afraid, her heart belongs to you
Passion: Don’t be afraid, don’t keep her waiting
Love: It’s time to rise, and tell them what you feel
Passion: You have to let them know
Love: Here the dream ends, this is real

Me: I’ll be there to comfort her
Passion: I know you will be!
Me: I’ll come back to life
Love: I know that you can!