Текст песни Ayreon – Day Fourteen: Pride

Тексты песен Ayreon Day Fourteen: Pride

Day Fourteen: Pride текст песни

I’ve always been creative, I don’t understand
Aspired to be an artist, not a business man!

You need to show your old man you’re in control
To be successful you’d sell your own soul!

I’ve always been respectable, I don’t understand
I tried to be compassionate, I’m not a ruthless man!

You need to show them you’re superior, you lead the field
No one opposes you, all men must yield!

I’ve always been affectionate, I don’t understand
I really love her, I’m not a heartless man!

You have no time for commitments, they get in the way
Get down to business, there’s no time to play!

Reason: You can still change, and right what is wrong
Pride: But can you swallow me, am I too strong?
Reason: You have to get back now, it’s not too late
Pride: It’s not like you to resign to your fate
Reason: Your loved ones are waiting, break out of your cage
Pride: You have the power, give into your rage
Reason: Listen to pride now for once he is right
Pride: Listen to reason, let us be your guide