Текст песни Ayreon – Day Fifteen: Betrayal

Тексты песен Ayreon Day Fifteen: Betrayal

Day Fifteen: Betrayal текст песни

This is what you dreamt about
Director of the firm
Will it be you, or your best friend?
He’s always been the better man and
He fits all their terms

What will you do to gain your end…

You remember he once told you
He tampered with the books
When he lost out on the deal
You’re digging up the evidence
…no one looks
You leave it there for all to see

This memory burns inside
You can’t forget, you cannot fight or erase it

Let it go, try to unwind

You have to tell and set it right
You cannot run, you cannot hide so face it!

Wake up, free your mind!

You’ll never talk, he’ll never know
What you have done
But can you live with this betrayal?

They found him out and let him go
I guess you’ve won
But one day the truth might be unveiled…

CHORUS Reason and Passion (2x)

I have to talk and let him know
What I have done
I cannot live with this betrayal
He’s always been the better man
I never won
Now the truth must be unveiled