Текст песни Alanis Morissette – Your House

Your House текст песни
Alanis Morissette

I went to your house
I walked up the stairs
And I opened your door without the ringing the bell
Walked down the hall
Into your room where I could smell you

And I shouldn't be here without permission
Shouldn't be here

Would you forgive me love
If I dance in your shower
Would you forgive me love
If I laid in your bed
Would you forgive me love
If I stay all afternoon

I took off my clothes
I put on your robe
And I went through your drawers
And I found your cologne
Went down to the den
Found your CD's
And I played your Joni

And I shouldn't stay long you might be home soon
I shouldn't stay long


I burn your incense
I ran a bath and I noticed a letter
That sat on your desk
It said hello love
I love you so, love
Meet me at midnight

And no it wasn't my writing I better go soon
It wasn't my writing

So forgive me love
If I cry in your shower
So forgive me love
For the salt in your bed
So forgive me love
If I cry all afternoon

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