Текст песни Alanis Morissette – Find The Right Man

Тексты песен Alanis Morissette Find The Right Man

Find The Right Man текст песни
Alanis Morissette

I have been so alone my whole entire life
I gotta get a break
I needed comfort although I'm home alone
I just got no way
I gotta get a guy
To take care of me

I gotta get the right man...
Gotta Find the right man
Oh, find the right man

I wonder how I'd feel if he was never around
If I was by myself
I'd be so frightened, I'd be a baby again
'Cause I'd have no one else
I'd have to wear a frown
While walking through the town

I'd be without a man
I'd have to find the right man
Oh, gotta find the right man

But even if I get my boy
How am I gonna know (he's the right man)
I gotta meet a guy, go out on a date
(spoken: That's for you, mom dad)

So I can find the right man
I've gotta find the right man
My own right - hand man
Help me find the right man...