Текст песни After Forever – De-Energized

De-Energized текст песни
After Forever

You take, you give nothing but misery
You are reluctant in your vanity
Your eyes are blinded by your conceit
You turn my fire into negative energy!

You are stranged by your jealousy
A weakness in your personality
Your lack of social skills annoy me
Your fuel, my hate by your negative energy!

I see a false alliance causing all this pain
I see a sick relation ending up in vain
I see a world in war because of pride and might
I feel it all getting de-energized

I am amazed by your ability
To make me feel all this insanity
I am discouraged by your falsity
You sink so low to get things done your way

Unwilling, absent, dissenting
Conflicting, adverse, annoying
You're cureless, painless, disgusting
False, ruthless, blinded, recusant

You damage, injure and destroy
Unbalanced, troubled, unfaithful
You're senseless, heartless and fearless
Cold, hostile, distant and empty
You are a freak!

You won't get closer to my dignity
Something you've lost, just like empathy
I won't degrade to your pathetic ways
Nor let take any more positive energy