Текст песни Adema – Do You Hear Me

Тексты песен Adema Do You Hear Me

Do You Hear Me текст песни

Are you looking down on me right now
I feel your presence beam down
Watching you get ill it changed our lives
Your hand went limp and we cried
I didn't realize you had to go
Emotionless overflow
I wish I had the chance to tell you
I'm so sorry...

Do you here me
Praying to you x2 [where can I find you
I'm thinking of you darling, darling, darling]

I know that you are in a better place
Somewhere you can escape
I'm looking for a sign from up above
That you still care and have love
I was really young and didn't know
I wish I had the chance to tell you
I'm so sorry

Work harder for nothing
To come up I'm fading
Work harder for nothing at all
To find you you're nowhere

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