Текст песни AFI – Bleed Black

Тексты песен AFI Bleed Black

Bleed Black текст песни

I am exploring the inside
I find it desolate.
I do implore these confines now as they penetrate,
"recreate me."
I'm hovering throughout time.
I crumble in these days.
I crumble, I cannot find reflection in these days.

If you listen (listen, listen) listen close, beat-by-beat
You can hear when the heart stops.
I saved the pieces when it broke and ground them all to dust.

I am destroyed by the inside.
I disassociate.
I hope to destroy the outside.
It will alleviate and elevate me
Like water flowing into lungs, im flowing through these days.
As morphine cuts through deadened veins
Im numbing in these days.


I know what died that night.
It can never be brought back to life once again,
I know, I know.(repeat)

I know I died that night, and I'll never be brought back to life.
Once again, I know(repeat)