Текст песни 50 Cent – Peep Show

Peep Show текст песни
50 Cent

(50 Cent feat. Eminem - Peep Show)

I told niggas not to shoot dice with me
Look at this stack
I got money
I got money

[50 Cent]
Aww nigga don't trip
I'll kill ya if you f**k with my grip
I won't hesitate to let off a clip
Aww nigga don't trip
You gon' make me get on some shit
Run up on you quick
What up, you're whipped
Aww nigga don't trip
You gon' get ya monkey ass hit
Run in ya whip tryna f**k with my clique
Aww nigga don't trip
Case you didn't know who this is
Its 50 Cent bitch, G-Unit
Aww nigga don't trip

[Verse 2- 50 Cent]
Where I'm from, you learn to blend in,
or get touched
I don't need niggas for support,
I don't walk with a crutch
niggas know my stage, they don't f**k with me son
You got an appetite for hollow-tips,
I'll feed you my gun
This is that ferrari F-50 shit, its real layed back
Type shit you recline to in the Maybach
I got two suiters now, on the run from the fuzz
You get the same shit for ten bodies,
you get for one cuz
I live life in the fast lane, 100 miles an hour,
chrome and some wood grain
You know a nigga still really tryna move cane
Make a lil extra money on the side mayn
I ain't playin', I'm up early with the birds word
Puttin' that work in,
parrelli's on the Porsche chirpin'
I got a hundred mill from music,
a hundred grand from crack
Goin' to see my jeweler, so I can blow a stack

[Chorus- 50 Cent]
nigga you hustle, but me I hustle harder
I got what you need,
them trees, that heart, that powder
My niggas we gee packs, devour on the hour
They shoot when I say shoot,
so I'm in the position of power
You f**k around if you wanna