Текст песни Мои ракеты вверх – MOUSSE

MOUSSE текст песни
Мои ракеты вверх

Day to day i tried to hide
I felt it’s not so unussual
But always knew it comes like this
Night to night i tried to breath.
I can be anyone but can’t be me
I paint with your flight fly
And constantly fell detest to the innermost self aspect
Breathtaking pain in a brest
That i stint with

So will i try to jellify?
A sick stab offer!
I gaze through the consequences of lies.
A fib results awfull truth.

The day gone. Stir it up
Erase it all with a night dreams
Two pairs of bedlamite siamese twins
Affected with ambivalnce.

So will i try to jellify?
A sick stasb offer!
I gaze through dilapidated off black
Reflection of your face.

Move a liver now you a chameleon
Squirm a face to be almost like a lizard.

Can i be same with you?Will i be same with you?