Текст песни Мои ракеты вверх – Hypnofog

Hypnofog текст песни
Мои ракеты вверх

I forgot how to catch a breath
I don’t know if you can do it
You’re chanding with packs of cigarettes
I don’t know if you can be here

I don’t care if anything about
Being so unkind
Your every stop turnes you behind
Will return in sorrow

You try your self

I don’t know if you can be my friend
Try to bring a piece of my heart
Legal way to change a key and run
Burning down with fire

I don’t know what to think about
You’re changing when you’re smiling
Plink thoughts a middle way to you
Getting so much tired

If i had a ground to fall
Sawing with needles is wrong get undressed
Anyone will find out
Or die alone
Noone see my mirrors
If i beleieve

Hanging to put up